Plasticizing Screws


The Spectrum

Plasticizing screws

Quicker than the competition allows

uniROTA Maplan produces advantage. 30 years experience in geometry recording, performance optimization and manufacturing of plasticizing screws make the decisive project time difference, production speed and precision.

High competence in heat treatment technology and surface coating assure a superior wear protection. The most advanced and modern equipment in the hands of experienced specialists allows the production of the most complex design as wave geometry on plasticizing screws.

uniROTA Maplan produces highly precise and complex screws for plastics industry as well as for food production.

Dimensions: max. dia. 250mm x 10000mm, max. weight 10.000kg

plasticizing screws + accessories
twin extruder screws + accessories
nitrided barrels
bi-metal barrels
surface coating possibilities (on request)
Special machining:

profile grinding machine for complexe designs
e.g. barrier section of a plasticizing screw

Manufacturing Screws


The Hardening

Heat treatment

Maplan delivers everything out of one hand.
Really everything!

Stress relieve
Plasma powder welding
Through hardening

The production

cb_prod_Schnecken_41 cb_prod_Schnecken_51

Length up to 10.000 mm