Customer Service


Individual solutions for you

Focus on the customer

A lot is automated, almost everything is subject to a standard. The difference to the competition is made by motivation, customer orientation, on-time reliability, efficient focus and the intention to the total quality. In other words “the factor human being”.

uniROTA Maplan is taking care of not becoming anonymous machinery. For our customers we have a face and a name. Every customer is individually looked after by a responsible expert who personally accompanies the project from start to delivery, as always available responsible contact person.

The result of this is not only a feeling confort, but gives also much more efficiency: Troublefree information flow. Speed of reaction is increased. Every customer’s wish is listened to.

Know how out of long term production practice and out of close raw material supplier contacts is resulting into individual, customer specific solutions. For special tasks or operations which are not able to be covered by our own infrastructure, we are able to short term involve competent cooperation partners. All this of course by respecting the shortest delivery dates.

Test the Best!


The best support is the one you don´t need

Price is always a discussion topic. Just in time more and more. But why are so many silent when quality is discussed? Let’s discuss: About precision which does not only necessitate modern equipment, but also above average qualification of the production team. Rework and scrap rates below 0,5% or in other words 99,5% of all produced parts are free of defects.

And the speed with which failures and defects in per mil region are exchanged by immediate replacement deliveries. Let’s discuss about it. Also in this context everything is speaking for uniROTA Maplan.

Reaction time

Quick help is double help

Time is money and uniROTA Maplan saves you time. By a highly efficient throughout organization, short ways, no complexe hierarchies and an experienced team. By individual customer contact, no frictional loss. By creative solutions, more efficiency. By 24 hours service. The overall result is more than the sum of these points. It’s an important time gain, respective lead.

Customer satisfaction

Solution proposals instead of searching for problems

Success is a question of measure. What is the measure of success? Turnover? Return of invest? uniROTA Maplan is measuring it’s success primary with the satisfaction of their customers.

Only if you feel perfectly supported, if you have been continuously, from the conceptional stage to delivery, consulted and accompanied, if you notice with satisfaction that perfect quality has been delivered just in time, and further notice that this project couldn’t have been put into practice with another partner, briefly: only if you are overall satisfied, than uniROTA Maplan is it too.