Company Profile


Competence based on history

Innovation for the future

Individuality, precision, perfection and efficiency are quality characteristics which cannot be purchased. They have to be earned every day. According to this principle 100 people assure on a total production surface of 25.500 m2 efficient precision work.

The company’s geographic location is in the dynamic country triangle of Berlin-Hambourg-Mecklenbourg and is operating globally. Customers all over the globe appreciate the grown manufacturing know-how, the quick deliveries, the uncompromised machining precision as well as the outstanding quality of uniROTA Maplan products. This is reflected by a long reference list of well known companies.

uniROTA Maplan is producing machine components for the plastics industry and multitude of other different economic sectors. Best in class infrastructure for high precision machining, long term experience in manufacturing of complex designs, high overall efficiency, lean structure, quick and flexible order processing and a very individual customer service by competent people are the formula for our international success.

Work together with experts

Complex hierarchies create problems – Lean structures provide solutions. uniROTA Maplan offers you a lean structure, efficient organization assuring the shortest way to the perfect product.

Our team consists of highly skilled specialists and experts, working since years together. Constant investments into our machine park assure to be always at the latest level of technical equipment. Process oriented manufacturing logistics, optimized processes from order entry to delivery of the final part and a policy of “short ways” reduce production throughflow times. More and more customers appreciate our expertise and involve uniROTA Maplan already in an early conceptional stage as development partner.

From development to delivery of the final part. The most important uniROTA Maplan product is their advance in time, quality and efficiency.


Rotations symmetry manufacturing Rotations symmetry manufacturing

Vertical – max. dia. 2000mm x length 1500mm

max. weight 20.000 kg

Horizontal: max. dia. 1000mm x length 10000mm

max. weight 10.000 kg


Plasticizing screws Plasticizing screws

Dia. 350mm x length 10000mm, max. weight 10.000 kg

Heat treatment, Stress relieve, Ionnitring:

Max. dia. 500mm x length 10000mm, max. weight 10.000kg



Max. dia. 1000mm x length 8000mm, max. weight 10000kg

Ionnitring: Max. dia 500mm x length 10000mm, max. weight 10000kg


Barrel manufacturing

Length: up to 8.000 mm

Inside diameter: from 40 mm

Outside diameter: up to 600 mm

Thickness of layer: from 1,5 mm

… a matter of course for uniROTA Maplan

Everything under one roof – unique – worldwide

Manufacturing components in the most efficient and quickest way could be a science. One approach could be to have long meetings to discuss raw materials, manufacturing concepts, leadtimes and unit cost, or – easier and quicker – pick-up the phone and call your uniROTA Maplan specialists to discuss the issue.

  • Your partner uniROTA Maplan has CNC controlled machines for the production of components and spare parts of each machine and system size.
  • uniROTA Maplan is sitting near the switchboard of a production network with over departmental and cross functional, therefore efficient conception and production.
  • uniROTA Maplan shows new ways for quick and highly efficient problem solving. Everything they produce is subject to a detailed quality control system, responding to all existing norms

uniROTA Maplan is on a daily base brainstorming and questioning themselves on how to improve something good towards better. Since three decades! Their success is the result.