What we do

uniROTA Maplan is producing machine components for the plastics industry and multitude of other different economic sectors. Best in class infrastructure for high precision machining, long term experience in manufacturing of complex designs, high overall efficiency, lean structure, quick and flexible order processing and a very individual customer service by competent people are the formula for our international success.

Greatest Know How

Manufacturing components in the most efficient and quickest way could be a science. One approach could be to have long meetings to discuss raw materials, manufacturing concepts, leadtimes and unit cost, or – easier and quicker – pick-up the phone and call your uniROTA Maplan specialists to discuss the issue.

Customer focused

uniROTA Maplan is taking care of not becoming anonymous machinery. For our customers we have a face and a name. Every customer is individually looked after by a responsible expert who personally accompanies the project from start to delivery, as always available responsible contact person.